Slip On Flange-CNDSFL-1
Slip On Flange-CNDSFL-1
Slip on flange,as the meaning of name,is a flange slipping on the pipe or fitting when connection.The pipe should be insert the flange inner bore,and leave a bit distance from the face of the flange to make sure it will not effect the sealing of two flanges.
• Size: 1/2”-60” 
• Design Standard: ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS,GOST 
• Material:Stainless Steel (ASTM A182 F304/304L, F316/316L, F321) 
• Normal Pressure: CLASS 150, CLASS 300, CLASS 600, CLASS 900,CLASS 1500, CLASS 
2500, CLASS 3000 
• Face Type: F.F., R.F., R.T.J.

Slip-on flanges are known for their low materials cost and easy installation. One of the added advantages of these flanges is that they can also be used as lap-joint flanges if Type B or Type C ends are being handled.There is a wide range of diameters and low-pressure models to choose from. Unlike welding neck flanges, this flange does not have a neck to rest on the pipe, and therefore double welding is necessary.

The inner bore of the slip on flange is a little larger than the pipe OD,to make sure the pipe or fitting end can slip into the flange.The slip on flange is fillet welded with the pipe or fitting,different with the butt welding method of weld neck flange, and the pipe no need to do the bevel end,just square end is ok for welding,this is also different.Commonly,the slip on flange can be fillet welded with the pipe on the two sides.It can make sure the joint quality with the pipe.

Slip-On Flanges are ideal for lower pressure applications. Their ease of fitting and welding reduces 
fabrication costs. Less time needs to be spent ensuring the accuracy of the cut pipe and they are somewhat 
easier to align. They do not have as much strength as a welding neck flange and are not available in higher 
pressure ratings and diameters. 

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