What is the difference between stainless steel compression fittings and welded fittings?
Speaking of stainless steel water pipes, many people are familiar with their connection methods. From the beginning of welded pipe fittings to the current technology upgrade, double-pressed pipe fittings are generally accepted, and stainless steel water pipes have undergone a long development. So, what is the difference between double-pressed connection and welding of stainless steel water pipes?

1. Quantity:
Welded pipe fittings have a longer history of development, so the current market share of welded pipe fittings is larger than that of press-fitted pipe fittings, but I also believe that double-pressed pipe fittings will eventually become the industry leader by virtue of its convenient and unique connection method.

2. Environmental aspects
In terms of environmental protection, the double-pressed connection has unique advantages, eliminating the need for argon arc welding and electric welding, and does not pollute the environment, is easy to operate, and does not harm the body of the constructor.

3. Health aspects
Because the welded pipe fittings involve argon arc welding and insufficient gas protection, welding pollution and adverse effects on water quality cannot be avoided. The double-pressed pipe fittings adopt German advanced pressing technology and can be installed with hydraulic tools. Very healthy and environmentally friendly.

4. Convenient and convenient
The crimping process of double-pressed pipe fittings is more convenient and quicker.

5. Application aspects
The application range of welded pipe fittings is wider than that of double clamping. Welding can be applied to low, medium and high pressure, while thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings can only be applied to low pressure pipe fittings.