oil industry
Petrochemical industry is the basic industry and pillar industry of the national economy, and its development speed and scale have a direct impact on all aspects of the economy. The chemical industry has a wide range of categories, complex processes, The products are diverse, and the pollutants discharged in production are characterized by many types, large quantities and high toxicity.
Chemical Industry
The chemical industry occupies an important position in the national economy of various countries and is the basic industry and pillar industry of many countries. The development speed and scale of the chemical industry have a direct impact on all sectors of the social economy, and the world's annual output value of chemical products has exceeded 1.5 trillion US dollars.
Power Industry
The power station industry is a factory that converts various primary energy contained in nature into electrical energy (secondary energy). At the end of the 19th century, with the growth of electricity demand, people began to propose the idea of establishing electricity production centers.
Pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of my country's national economy. It is a combination of traditional industries and modern industries, and the primary, secondary and tertiary industries are integrated. Its main categories include: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal decoction pieces, Chinese patent medicines, antibiotics, and biological products.
Metallurgical industry
The metallurgical industry refers to the industrial sector that mines, selects, sinters metal ores, smelts them, and processes them into metal materials.
natural gas industry
Natural gas is stored in underground porous rock formations, including oil field gas, gas field gas, coalbed methane, mud volcanic gas and biologically generated gas, and a small amount also comes from coalbeds. It is a high-quality fuel and chemical raw material.