Customers are welcome to come to our company for inspection and exchange, and customers are welcome to act as agents or join our company. Please provide the following information:
one. Company product features 1. A complete solution provider of flanged pipe fittings; 2. The product has its own characteristics and a number of unique patents in the market; 2. The company strictly controls the quality, and the products meet the national standards; 3. After years of business experience, the company has abandoned products with low market recognition and selected products suitable for the market to make your sales smoother.
two. Join agent conditions 1. Comply with the rules formulated by the head office. When signing the "Agent Distribution Contract", the "After-sales Service Commitment" should be signed at the same time; 2. The franchisee must be an independent legal person, whether it is a state-run or private enterprise; 3. Have a certain social sales network and experience in selling similar products; 4. Have a certain economic strength and management ability, can complete the annual agency task, and have a good reputation; 5. Fully agree with the company's products, culture and business philosophy; 6. Have a fixed office or business premises; 7. Provide a scanned copy of the original enterprise's three certificates (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate) 8. Corporate profile and corporate website; 9. Main valve sales revenue and main stable customer industries;
three. Our company will provide agents 1. Scanned copy of the original important qualifications of the enterprise (business license, production license, brand authorization letter) 2. Company profile and all certifications 3. Unified promotional materials and technical materials 4. Unified quotation and model contract
Please call to join or agent, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Provide a full range of services covering the three stages of pre-sales, after-sales, including design, selection, manufacturing, service, installation, maintenance, and guidance.